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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Acting Audition Tips

Summary: An acting audition is a sample of a piece of work that an aspiring actor/actress performs in order to get hired for a role in a movie, play, or show. Casting directors hold auditions in order to view the range of an actor’s talent in the form of a memorized monologue or reading an act of work that the actor has never seen before. Often times, casting directors want to see emotion, body language and assumption of a particular part in the actor’s performance.

Are you auditioning for the first time and don’t know what to expect? Do you need a refresher course in auditioning for a part? Do you have no idea where to look for an acting job? Watch this series of videos and learn more about acting auditions. Our expert explains how to prepare your resume and demo reel for acting auditions. Whether you are auditioning for an “extra” part or a starring role, you will benefit from watching these audition videos. Get tips on wardrobe basics for different parts. If you need help locating acting jobs in your area, our expert can help you solve that mystery. Learn the valuable skill of networking in order to find the perfect acting job. Once you get an audition, you will need to know what to expect and how to introduce yourself in the casting room. Get tips on preparing yourself for an audition and feel confident in your acting skills!


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