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Sunday, June 08, 2008

On Camera Acting Audition Tips

Summary: Auditions are the main way that up and coming actors are chosen for roles in movies, television shows and commercials today. An audition is where an actor as able to show a casting director they he or she is able to play a specific role. Whether it's a British nanny or an American racecar driver this is where the part is either won or lost. These auditions are usually taped for later review but some are not. There are many different things that might be asked of an actor in an audition. Sometimes you're asked to read something and act it out on the spot. This is called cold reading. Other times you're given a script before hand and are able to go in prepared.

There are so many other actors out there how do you stand out in the crowd of everyone trying for the same thing. These videos will give you an edge on your competition. Our expert casting director gives you inside information as to what they are looking for and how you can win your very next audition. Confidence, poise and controlling the flow of the audition are the key elements but without any of them you'll get lost in the sea of everyone else. Don't let that happen. Watch this series and practice with a friend so that next time you audition for a pert you won't hope you will get it, you'll know you will!!


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