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Sunday, June 08, 2008

How to Audition for a Musical

Summary: Musical theater combines music with singing, dancing and diologue in efforts to tell a story. It harnesses the power of music to convey emotions such as anger, love and passion while the dancing is a more physical conveyor of what the characters are doing. There are three main components of a musical, the music, the lyrics and the book. The book is what is referred to as the “play.” These are the lines that are spoken and not sung. The music and the lyrics together are what form the “score” of the play. Typically musicals range from one and a half hours to three hours long with a fifteen to twenty minute intermission in between two separate acts. The first act is typically the longer of the two and introduces most of the musical content. Musicals are very similar to operas in that they tell stories through sung lines however musicals typically focus more on spoken words.

In this free video series you will learn tips and information on how to prepare yourself for an audition for a musical and what to focus on while in the audition to increase your chances of getting the part. This series also focuses on research you will want to do on the part you are auditioning for and what to focus on while actually auditioning as well as how to accept rejection if that should occur.


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