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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The History of Fashion and Dress

The History of Fashion and Dress Main Page

The History of Fashion and Dress
A Free Online Class for Self Directed Study
authored by, Tara Maginnis, Ph.D.
What is The History of Fashion and Dress?
How this Class Works
About the author, Tara Maginnis
Class Message Board
Student Web Pages
The Lessons:
Lesson 1 Preface and Introduction
Lesson 2 Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome
Lesson 3 Byzantium and Early Medieval Europe
Lesson 3 Page 2: Late Medieval Europe & The Early Italian Renaissance
Lesson 4 16th Century Europe
Lesson 5 17th Century Europe
Lesson 6 18th Century Europe till the French Revolution
Lesson 7 The French Revolution and Empire Periods
Lesson 8 The Rise of the Industrial Revolution
Lesson 9 Imperialism and Traditional Dress
Lesson10 The First and Second Bustle Periods
Lesson 11 Research with Vintage Garments
Lesson 12 The Turn of the 20th Century
Lesson 13 More work on Study Garment
Lesson 14 WWI to WWII
Lesson15 Final Project

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