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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Costume Design & Construction

THR 254 Costume Design & Construction at The Costumer's Manifesto

Costume Design & Construction I Projects

Design Analysis & Renderings
Reading the Play 5D
Focusing on the actor: Rendering for "On The Harm of Tobacco" 5D
Designing in Cooperation 15D
Analyzing Film Designs
High Concept Films 5D
Realistic Films 5D
Historical Research 10D
3 Renderings for The Marriage Proposal 5D
6 Renderings for Patience 10D
6 Renderings for The Contrast 10D
No Color Designs 15D

Suit Conversions
Paint 4D+6C
Applied Decoration 3D+ 8C
Surrealist Pockets 3D+10C
Changing Collars 2D+8C
Plaster Bandage & Foam 5D+10C
Foam and Airball on a Plastic Base 5D+5C
Carved Insulation Foam Mask 5D+5C
or Foam Mold for Muslin Mask 5D+10C
Wire Sculpture 10D+15C
Muslin Mache Mask 5D+10C

Accessory Bag 10C
Renaissance Hat 2D+10C
Cape 5D+20C
UAF Alaska Native Graduation Stole akaMaking a Stole (Academic or Clerical) 5C

Measurements 5C
Building Your Portfolio 10D
Shopping Handbook Project 15D + 5C
Placemat Hats 3D+8C
Amazing uses for a Baseball Hat Variable Credits
Basic Bandeau of Buckram 5D+10C
Edwardian Hat 5D+15C
Hat Made Using Craft Felt 5D+15C
Craft Felt Sculpture 5D+10C
Straw Braid Hat 3D+10C
Thermoplastic Helmet Project 5D+10C
Non Toxic Metal Finishes for Armor 5C
Beauty School Dropouts & Other Painted Wigs 5D+10C
Witch Wig into Samurai Lady 3D+10C
Extensions & Hair Rolls 10C
Making your Own 18th Century Men's Wigs 20C
Chemotherapy Patient Hats 8C
Fabric Modification
Fortuny Style Pleating 5C
Make a costume using the pleated fabric 5D+10C
Foam crafts
Airball Sculpture 5D+10C
Simple Foam Headpiece 5C
Complex Foam Headpiece 5D+10C
Animal/Bird Foot Shoe 2D+10C
Other Crafts Projects
Plaster Bandage Breastplate 5D+10C
Make your own Geta (Japanese wooden shoes) Project 15C
Copying Period Fans 2D+10C
Sample Sheet of Antiqued Jewelry Finishes 8C

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